Doing It

It has been said; therefore I repeat it. O.K. Let me try again.

It has been said that someone who works with his or her hands is a laborer.

If they work with their hand and mind, they are a craftsman.

If they work with their hands, their mind and their heart they are an artist.

I don’t think I have ever known a lazy person that was really happy. And I think the reason they are both lazy and unhappy is because they are not motivated, and it has to be a motivation that is more than a paycheck.

In order to be happy I think you have to be doing something that requires some kind of energy on your part. I also think a person is happiest when he or she is doing something that not only requires physical energy, but also mental energy and imagination. To be really happy, one has to always be trying something new with the challenging question, “Will this work?” “Can I do it?”

it is in meeting and overcoming the daily challenges of, “will this work?” that brings the most joy.

Well, there, I said it and I’m glad. Have a great today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. Aloha – pjs/