Mind Boggling

“Man, that is really mind-boggling!”

Not my mind, but then, maybe my mind has already been boggled and I don’t know it. I don’t know what I said that got that reaction from her, nor do I even really know what she meant. The idea of mind-boggling raises a lot of questions.

What is meant by “mind-boggling”?

How do you boggle someone’s mind?

Who are the mind bogglers that are among us?

Are they everywhere and are there a lot of them or only a few?

Are they to be admired or feared?

I have never met anyone who admitted to being a mind-boggler. But then I have never asked some one if they were a mind-boggle and would they admit it if they were? Just how does someone boggle a mind? Does it take a lot of practice or special training?

In my search for an answer I went to a dictionary. It said that “boggle” meant “to cause to be overcome, as with fright or astonishment.”

I certainly didn’t mean to frighten her and I can’t imagine that I said anything that was astonishing.

Getting the dictionary definition does not really set my mind at ease. It only causes me to be more confused. Did she mean to flatter me by implying that I was capable of astonishing thoughts, or is there something frightening about me?

She did not endear me to her by saying that what I said was mind-boggling. First of all I don’t like insincere flattery, but nor do I want to say things that frighten people.

A thesaurus was even more confusing. It said, among other things, that boggle was to: overwhelm with surprise, wonder or bewilderment, to bowl over, dumbfounded or stagger.

However, that same definition said it could also mean to: do irreparable harm through inept handling, make a mess, bungle, foul-up, miss-handle or spoil.

Is boggle anything like bungle? I certainly don’t want to do irreparable harm, or even repairable harm. I really don’t want to do any harm at all.

Did she say “mind-boggling” or “mind-bungling”? Lordy, Lordy, What was it I said?

Nevertheless, if she said “mind-boggling” then maybe I wish I could remember what it was I said. Then I could go around saying it all the time and boggle everyone’s mind. Then again, maybe not.

Wishing all a calm, non-boggled, or bungled day. Aloha – pjs/