It Just Is

Sometimes life just is. There are those days that are, neither particularly happy, or exciting, neither are they sad or frightening; they just are and that means there is nothing to say about them on Facebook.

One has to have pictures on Facebook. But you can’t get a picture of the wonderful feeling you have when you see the friend you are meeting for breakfast headed toward you.

You can take a picture of the Ko`olaus, but that has been done hundreds of times before.

So on those “life just is” days you sit and watch the all-powerful sun kissing the many, tender faces of the mountain. It kisses the eyes, and the cheeks and the nose and the lips and then it starts all over again kissing another set of eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, and ears of the mountain.

I can take a picture of that, but I can’t take a picture of the awesome feeling I get watching that love affair.

Wishing you all the best of those “Life just is” kind of days – Aloha – Paul