Wasting Time

I know, I know, we are supposed to be managing our time wisely. We surround ourselves with all kinds of time reminders form writs watches, to cell phones, to great, impressive clock towers.

But from the way we think about time and use the word, “time,” I think we mangle time more than manage it. Now current understanding of the word mangle means to: severely mutilate, disfigure, or damage by cutting, tearing, or crushing.

But the Wikipedia tells us this, “A mangle (as it is called in the United Kingdom) or wringer (as it is called in the United States) is a mechanical laundry aid consisting of two rollers in a sturdy frame, connected by cogs and, in its home version, powered by a hand crank or electrically.” Now-a-day with every type of dryer most people don’t know what a wringer is so here’s a picture of one.

Now as a kid I was familiar with the Mangle because I turned the hand crank when I helped my mother with the laundry. For a long time I thought it got its name because if you didn’t handle the material passing through it correctly it would twist and tear the material or break the buttons on a shirt, but I digress, I was going to talk about “time” wasn’t I?

TIME – we are obsessed with it. We let the time factor rule our lives. Even our moods are influenced by a time factor. Have you ever noticed that the person who is late is often happier than the person waiting for them? They may be full of apologies, or excuse for being late, but they are happier.

We say such things as, “Man, that was the best time of my life,” or “It was the worst time of my life.”

I have noticed that for some people the worst time of their life is that time between graduating from high school and retirement.

Now there are some people who have so much to do that they are very careful how they allocate their time. They are the ones who talk bout having “quality time” with their children or something else and when they talk about quality time what they really mean just a little bit of time.

So I leave you with this thought, there are all kinds of people and reasons trying to school you not to waste time, but if you are enjoying yourself when others think you are wasting time it is not a waste of time.

Now I sincerely hope that if you should look into one of my books and start reading it, you will not consider it wasting time. I have conveniently listed 3 of them in the sidebar. Click on any one them and you will be taken to my Amazon page. Remember, if you are enjoying yourself, you are not wasting time.

Have a great time and Aloha – pjs/


I Have Discovered

I have discovered that life is too short to sleep on a bad bed, eat junk food, and talk to dumb people.

On the other hand it is better to sleep on a bad bed, even a park bench, and eat junk food if that is all you have.

Now when I talk about junk food I am not talking about the glorious hamburger or delicious French fries, or beautiful Pizza, or hotdogs, or any of that other good stuff.

No, No! When I talk about junk food I mean broccoli and Brussels sprouts and things like that.

Right here and now I’ll let you in on another one of my discoveries. I have discovered that you can live a healthy and happy life without ever eating broccoli or Brussel sprouts.

However, if at all possible, always avoid talking to dumb people; other people watching or listening may not be able to tell the difference between the really dumb them and the really smart you.

One of the easiest ways to avoid talking to dumb people is to pretend you are reading a book, or texting something. Or, heaven forbid, be actually reading.

Now I know reading has gone out of style with the wonderful world of digital, but you can get any of my books from amazon in any format you like; hard copy or digital.

Now if that isn’t blatant advertising I don’t know what is. You can always read several pages of free sample on Amazon to see if you might like the story. Damn, there I am advertising again.

Anyway, have a great day and Aloha – pjs/